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Are you tired of writing Local Business schema for your clients’ businesses by hand?

Are you sick of:

  • Having to deal with JSON
  • Figuring out structured data
  • Finding errors whenever you check the Rich Results Testing Tool
  • Remembering when to use square brackets or curly brackets
  • Figuring out how you’re going to insert the JSON schema into the header of the site
  • Doing the bare minimum schema because it’s such a nightmare
  • Not getting the results for your clients that you’d get if you truly understood schema
  • Being annoyed that all the schema advice is “here are five ways you could do that”, when all you want to know is how to do it properly
  • Not having the time or inclination to spend dozens of hours pouring through the schema documentation

Wouldn’t it be a far better use of your time to:

  • Install a plugin
  • Know exactly what business information is essential to enable your schema to pass the Rich Results Testing Tool the first time without warnings or errors
  • Fill out a few fields in a form
  • Never touch a line of code
  • Automatically output the correct Local Business schema as JSON-LD to the correct part of your website’s code

Now, what if the same plugin also allowed you to:

  • Add all the extra Local Business schema you sometimes get around to like maps, coordinates, area served, sameAs, and reviews?
  • Automatically output correct article schema to your blog posts
  • Add a different review schema on every page
  • Add service schema on service pages, building an offer catalog that linked from your home page to your service pages, between all of the service pages, and from all the articles to your service pages from within the schema
  • Add multi-location schema with coordinates, a different telephone number, and a different postal address to individual pages

All without you having to touch a line of code or figure out the best way to structure or implement the schema?

Hi. I’m Mike Haydon, and this is Glen Ingram.

Together with our team, we are Web A11y.

We are a full-service web design agency, specializing in building accessible websites for businesses of all sizes.

Every day, we encounter the same obstacles you do, experience the same frustrations you do, and wish there was a better way.

Thanks to decades of programming, we usually just build a plugin or custom code our way out of those frustrations.

We’re proud to introduce you to WP Local Schema – a WordPress plugin that does everything above and more.

We built WP Local Schema for our internal use after spending WAAAAY too much time building schema by hand.

We figured, hey, if it’s so useful to us, maybe it will help other agencies who are dealing with the same frustrations.

I’ve been working with schema since 2013. I’ve built various systems for implementing schema, and this is the best one yet.

We have two licensing options.

We have a developer license, which you can use on unlimited sites, and a single site license. Both are yearly recurring.

A demonstration of real world results for the WP Local Schema plugin by customer Langley Holland.

“This is the only way I add schema to our websites. I have tried or used many tools or plugins. This works better than anything I have seen. It does everything I need.”

– Joshua Beechraft

“Hey Glen! Just wanted to thank you for the cool Schema plugin. I just set it up on my site! It was really easy to setup, schema confuses the crap out of me but that made it easy!”

– Andrew

A look under the hood of our Local Business JSON Schema plug-in for WordPress.